My name is Ankie Solberg. Since I was little I always wanted to do something with drawing and design. After my secondary school I started studying Graphic Design at Sint-Lucas Boxtel in the Netherlands. In June of 2015 I’m excellent graduated for this Intermediate vocational education

With 1,5 year of experience through traineeship in the graphic design world, I felt I wasn’t ready to go work already. At that moment I was 21 years old. I wanted to learn more and improve my graphic skills. That’s why I did the admission test for the professional Bachelor Visual Design at the Luca school of Arts in Ghent. I started in September 2015 and I’m now already in my final year Graphic Design. They have learned me here to look at an assignments in a different way. Besides my education I love to travel and I’m a big music fan. Most of the time you will find me on a festival or at concerts.